Magnesium Oil Spray


Magnesium Oil Spray is a quick and easy solution for sore muscles and joints and helps to increase relaxation. Magnesium is a critical mineral we need for optimal body health.

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Magnesium Oil is easily and rapidly absorbed through the skin into our bloodstream. This is a faster method to elevate low levels than taking an oral supplement. Many people find that Magnesium helps with relaxation and improves sleep.

It is also essential for a large portion of our body’s natural chemical reactions like maintaining and improving your energy levels, immune system, relaxation, and heart and blood vessel health. This mineral helps maintain strong and healthy bones and teeth, healthy organ function and helps to regulate different vitamins and minerals for full body health.

Direction for use: Start with a few sprays daily for a week. Work up to 5-10 sprays daily or as desired. Spray across body onto clean unbroken skin. Avoid freshly shaven areas.

Ingredients: Aqua, Magnesium Chloride

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