2 Bar Soap Subscription


Soap Subscription program begins April 2024

Order before March 25 to receive the April selection. 

Each month you will receive a package containing 2 x 50g soap bars. One bar will be a new release, featuring different ingredients and/or scents, with initial access only to subscribers. The second bar will be one of our popular unscented bars which are great for all sensitive skin types.

All Tiny Homes Soaps are made with organic coconut oil as the base ingredient. Natural glycerin, usually stripped from factory-made soap, is retained in our soap, making it an excellent choice for sensitive and dry skin. Our soaps are the perfect choice or gift for those who prefer a more natural lifestyle.


Soap Subscription program begins April 2024

Order before March 25 to receive the April selection. 

Subscriptions ship out at the end of the month to arrive early the following month. Order cut-off is the 25th of each month for early next-month delivery. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN CANADA by Canada Post – automatically applied at checkout. Offer cannot be combined with other products and does not include tracking.

The colour of each bar comes directly from natural ingredients, which allows a more subtle and natural colour palette. For example, turmeric yields a yellow-gold colour, while cucumber yields a light green hue. No harsh colours or additives are used. Each bar has different properties, but they all produce a creamy lather that leaves you feeling clean and fresh. Excellent for use from head to toe.

Soaps may contain: oats, coffee, charcoal, salt, sugar, and various essential oils, clays, flowers, herbs, tea leaves, and natural purees and liquids/oils. Each soap have the ingredients listed as per the Canadian Cosmetic requirements.

*You are charged only ONCE for the subscription length you choose.*

**As much shipping material as possible will be from recycled sources. Tiny Home Soaps Inc. tries to repurpose and limit waste as much as possible.**


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